Café de los Angelitos

He had founded it in 1890 with the name of Bar Rivadavia an Italian named Batista Fazio. Primitively it was redoubt of malandras and caferatas whose translation of the basic lunfardo corresponds, more or less, to people of badly living. “True little angels”, according to the sarcastic affirmation of the commissioner of Balvanera who, without knowing it, was giving a letter of baptism to one of the most popular cafes in Buenos Aires.

José Ingenieros, Juan B. Justo and Alfredo Palacios were seen followed by Los Angelitos, as well as Manuel Gálvez. One night in 1917, at this café, the Creole duo Gardel-Razzano was hired by Mauricio Goddart, artistic director of the Odeón label. With Cantar eterno and El sol del 25 his record debut was produced.Gardel lived a little more than a block away, in Rincón 135, in a department of a beautiful Frenchified building built in 1925. Nowadays, there is a plaque on the façade that recalls the illustrious inhabitant.

In Los Angelitos, Gardel celebrated some of his triumphs, inviting, with his well-known generosity, the friends with pouts that ended with the first light of day. This coffee was also frequented by radicals. Many politicians from the old party of Leandro Alem, the Radical Civic Union, used to come together to exchange and discuss ideas with their socialist opponents.

In 1944, José Razzano and Cátulo Castillo composed the tango Café de los Angelitos, success in the voice of the tango Alberto Marino with the Aníbal Troilo orchestra: Café de los Angelitos! Gabino and Cazón Bar! I was happy with my screams in the times of Carlitos for Rivadavia and Rincón.

One day in 1993, after many comings and goings, Los Angelitos disappeared.
Fortunately, fourteen years later, the café reopened on June 19, 2007 with a sober and elegant decoration. Dark wood, crystals, vitraux, bronzes and calcareous mosaics give it its clear and traditional personality. A series of 350 citizen photos, specially selected in archives and museums, helps to recreate the climate and the environment of the initial times.
The coffee lounge itself, from which a musician who plays melodies in the afternoon can be seen and heard, is complemented by the show and dinner-show room, the souvenir boutique and the exhibition and special events room. Every day there is a first level tango show.


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Avenida Rivadavia 2100, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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