Café Tortoni

The Tortoni is the paradigm of Buenos Aires coffee, it seems that time has stopped as in a daguerreotype, when in it people play billiards, cards, or simply drink coffee with friends, the place is increasingly a part indispensable of the Buenos Aires history.

Café Tortoni, a remarkable bar located in the Monserrat neighborhood, is the oldest in the city (it was founded in 1858) and is a real attraction for those who visit it. An important part of the history of Buenos Aires is present in its marble tables and walls, as among its most prominent clients were writers Jorge Luis Borges, Luigi Pirandello, Federico García Lorca and Julio Cortázar, as well as musicians Arthur Rubinstein and the mythical Carlos Gardel. Its first owner was a French immigrant named Touan, who baptized him in honor of another famous Café Tortoni in Paris. The imposing facade that overlooks Avenida de Mayo was the work of the architect Alejandro Christophersen, made in 1898. Currently, there are jazz and tango shows in the basement of the Tortoni (next to the cafe are the National Tango Academy and the Museum World of Tango).


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