Esquina Homero Manzi

The Corner of San Juan and Boedo is a historical and traditional place of the city of Buenos Aires. The bar built in that corner in 1927, became the symbol of the urban culture of the forties. The musicians who made tango the most representative artistic expression of the city passed by their tables.

The charm and cultural importance of the place, declared a historic building, attracts hundreds of tourists daily. Therein lies the need to recover the place, and again concentrate all the magic of 2 × 4.

San Juan and Boedo represents the true suburb and this site seeks to evoke the times of the embankment and paving, together with the comfort that can be provided today.

This is where Homero Manzi (1907-1951) wrote the Tango Sur in 1948, “Sur Paredón and later, Sur a warehouse light …”, then musicalized by Aníbal Troilo (1914-1975).

Main Show

The decade of the ’40s, were without a doubt the golden age of tango; with a large number of orchestras, singers and composers, who gave the genre a wealth of styles that until today endures.

Our show wants to reflect that moment; tour around the compositions of Homero Manzi, not forgetting with tributes to Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla. And it will make the visitor transport in time to that Buenos Aires of arrabal.

The cast is composed of 15 artists on stage. 4 dance couples, two singers and live quintet have a duration of 87 minutes.


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